Tendo House

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Here's the layout of the Tendo home and property, as depicted in production sketches for the Ranma 1/2 anime. Note that there are minor inconsistencies between the interior and exterior views.

[Floorplan Sketch]

The large drawing on the upper-left is the first floor. The second floor is the smaller drawing on the right. The unlabelled rooms are probably storage and closets.

Note that all the bedrooms are are occupied. The outer bath is the changing room, and the inner bath contains the furo, or bathtub. The window of the inner bath faces Soun's room. The clothes-hanging balcony appears to be the small deck off of Akane's room.


Below is the layout of the Tendo compound, drawn at the same orientation as the floorplans, above. The house is the L-shaped building, while the square building at the end of the covered walkway is the dojo. The koi pond is on the left, and the main entrance is at the bottom-right.

[Property Sketch]

Note the curved path to the left of the dojo, leading to a door in the outer wall. This is probably the rear entrance referred to by the sign at the front gates: "To defeat owner in savage combat, use rear door."

I can only speculate that the smaller building to the left of the dojo is used for storage.


Thanks to Jim Lazar for providing the labelled floorplan.

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