Haruko Motoyama

Type: Human

Smarts 6 
Bod 4
Luck 3
Looks 5
Cool 4
Bonk 3

Powers: Filthy Rich
Knacks: Master Plan +3, Weird Science +1, Sword Tricks +2
Traits: Evil genius in disguise, Shy, Scared of reptiles

Everyone thinks Haruko is a nice girl, if a little shy. But the secret she keeps from everyone except her best friend Marie is that she is an evil genius bent on world domination! Marie's job is to keep her away from cute boys (who tend to send her running away blushing), and snakes (which tend to make her scream peircingly and pass out). Come to think of it, maybe she doesn't have the evil genius thing down just yet...


I also have an older drawing that was made before I saw Fushigi-Yuugi.

Art created using Steadtler watercolor pencils on Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper (5 1/2" X 8 1/2"). Character and art on this page copyright © 1998-2000 by Douglas MacDougall <dougmacd@dougmacd.net>.