Ken Sanders

Type: Human

Smarts 6 
Bod 6
Luck 6
Looks 6
Cool 6
Bonk 6

Powers: He's got a decked-out spacer; who needs powers?
Knacks: Homework +2, Jock +3, Look Cool in Shades +2
Traits: Nice Guy, Mr. Perfect, Oblivious to the Opposite Sex

Picture the strongest, smartest, best looking guy you can. You've now pictured Ken. Of course, since he's practically a Greek god, it's only fitting that you make a portrait of him. Just looking at him causes women to drool, and men to seethe in anger. Only, when they get to know him, the guys grudgingly have to admit he's not so bad, and the women weep as he ignores their advances.


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