Petey Tezuka

Type: Near Human

Smarts 3 
Bod 6
Luck 1
Looks 5
Cool 2
Bonk 4

Powers: Superspeed, Superstrength, Swap Shop
Knacks: Knowit +4, Sidestep Attack +3, Not Programmed to Understand Danger +6
Traits: Talks to Appliances, Hopelessly Naïve and Trusting, Curious

Unable to have a flesh and blood child, Dr. Tezuka decided to create a robotic child. He fashioned it to be be human and lifelife in every way. Well, except for the pale skin, green hair, and orange eyes. He was happy when he finished his creation, but upset that he could not make it physically grow like a real child; he had created its metal and plastic frame fully formed. So, in order to fulfil his desire to see his child mature, he erased all the emotions he had carefully programmed, and instead installed a Pinoccio complex, so Petey would try to be a real boy. Now his work is done, and he has released Petey to the real world, to go to school, make friends, and maybe bring a girlfriend home for daddy.


Art created using Steadtler watercolor pencils on Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper (5 1/2" X 8 1/2"). Character and art on this page copyright © 1998-2000 by Douglas MacDougall <>.