Princess Shukana

Type: Near Human

Smarts 4 
Bod 4
Luck 6
Looks 6
Cool 5
Bonk 3

Powers: Teleport, Superstrength, Three's a Crowd
Knacks: "We Are Not Impressed" +3, Drive Insane with Lust +2, Beat on Boyfriend +1
Traits: Regal, Insanely Jealous, Milk Fetish

In order to escape the opressive tyrant "Daddy", the Princess escaped to Earth where she could have some fun and pick out a boyfriend from one of the Earther teens. Her boyfriend will be intelligent, strong, and beautiful, and of course dote on her every whim. She is no relation to Princess Karma, that slut that needs to use a luststone to find a boyfriend. Kushana is three times the women she is!!!


I also have an older drawing that was made when the Princess was called "Shoo-Kana".

Art created using Steadtler watercolor pencils on Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper (5 1/2" X 8 1/2"). Character and art on this page copyright © 1998-2000 by Douglas MacDougall <>.