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I like to doodle a lot, but I rarely make anything I think is good enough to put up on the web. The drawings below are some of my better works. None of the images are more then mildly ecchi; I'd rate them PG-13 or less. For other artwork, check out the other pages on my site.

Created 2000-10-15 and last modified 2001-05-04.
(Added Lines of Destiny gift art.)


These drawings were made as gifts to other people.

through_wall.jpg [ 500x520 pixels / 81k ]
A gift to Louis-Philippe Giroux's Lines of Destiny page.
Sailor Jupiter pointed unbelievingly at the wall where Ranko had been sent flying. This is my second illustration for Lines of Destiny. I took a little artistic license with the scene, but I think it made for a more impressive picture. Her hips need to be wider, and I'm not satisfied with the shading on the braid, but the hair highlights, expression and pose are just right.
taming_plain.jpg [ 500x625 pixels / 63k ]
A gift to Vince Seifert's The Taming the Horse page.
"You think you tamed me, do you? You think I'm tame? Come see how tame I am." There was just something in the imagery of the riding crop that just cried out for illustration. I promised this to Vince a long time ago, but could never get everything just right, like Akane's pose, or Ranma's expression. This isn't perfect either, but at least everything's decent. At some point I hope to add a background image of a wooden fence with a horse ranch behind.
batiko.gif [ 500x600 pixels / 17k ]
A gift to Chris Willmore's Ranma 2096 page.
I decided to make Reiraku's bandanna hang on his cursed form like a shawl rather than a scarf. Her legs looked too weird, so I dumped her in the pot to hide them. Mmmm.... Fruit bat. :)~~
chikuso.jpg [ 250x480 pixels / 46k ]
A gift to Louis-Philippe Giroux's Lines of Destiny page.
My first computer coloring attempt, done with Photoshop 2.0. I think I did a good job of melding the Ranma and Sailor Moon character designs, but she's kind of chubby. ^_^
brianna.gif [ 350x800 pixels / 56k ]
A gift to the Fred Perry Fan Club.
The first fanart that I put onto the net was this drawing of Gold Digger's sister Brianna, scanned from lined paper. It's an old drawing, but I still like it; I'm only unsatisfied with the face.


Character designs for my Ranma/Pokémon crossover universe, where Pokémon were being bioengineered as pets. Unfortunately, Ash and Misty released the creatures from the devlopment labs while they were still genetically unstable.

pichukyo.jpg [ 500x600 pixels / 57k ]
Ukyo tried to stop the vermin from chewing on the wiring in her restaurant, but it fought back with tooth, claw, and lightning. (Maybe using a giant metal spatula against an electric rodent wasn't the best idea?) But her greatest surprise was when the weakened creature jumped onto and evolved with her, supplementing its degenerating genetic structure with her own. I like the pose and color balance, but that's about it. The spatula and ribbon look crappy, and the legs don't match up.
shampurin.jpg [ 500x700 pixels / 53k ]
You'd think an Amazon warrior would be able to stop a walking balloon, but its lullaby put her right to sleep. Apparently it's important to be conscious during these evolution attacks, as in her case, the Pokémon's personality is definitely dominant. Inspired by the fic "Devil on a Red Dress," by "Kai Yamazaki," who noted Jigglypuff's (um) stretchy nature. ^_^ This was my second coloring attempt, and the first using Photoshop 3.0 and a drawing tablet.
rizaakane.jpg [ 500x600 pixels / 72k ]
The lizard with the burning tail started out friendly enough, but it changed. No longer content to play, it tried to evolve with the girl that had befriended it. Akane saw what was happening and managed to protect the innocent girl, but found herself evolved with the ill-tempered creature. Charizard has stubby legs, snout, and a pear-shaped body that just don't look very cute. Nonetheless, I think this combination came out pretty well, although Charizard shows through more than Akane.
nyabiki.jpg [ 500x700 pixels / 58k ]
While everyone else is finding themselves evolved with random Pokémon, Nabiki seems to have arranged a favorable merger for herself. This is my second Photoshop 3.0 effort after Shampurin. I learned quite a bit from the effort, and I'm really happy with how this one turned out.


Other colored drawings that don't fit into any other categories.

pool_genie.jpg [ 500x775 pixels / 68k ]
"Genie of the Pool"
In early 1999, Jurai Knight of the Fanfic Mailing List asked, "wouldn't Ranma-chan look cute in Jeannie's costume?" Some people wrote fanfics with the idea, and I made this sketch. Because the "good" Jeannie's pink clothes don't complement anime-Ranma's red hair, I decided to stick with the black-haired Ranma from the manga and use the "naughty" Jeannie's costume.
sd_haruko.jpg [ 500x950 pixels / 111k ]
One of my roleplaying characters in suderdeformed format. This was something I threw together as some extra art on one of my pages. I wanted something in color, but I didn't have the time or inclination to do it on the computer, so I used colored pencils instead. The image was originally scaled pretty small, so I wasn't too careful.
evil_genn.jpg [ 500x750 pixels / 74k ]
Brianna used to be evil, but she got better. Or did she? I had an idea for an early Gold Digger annual where Genn was unknowningly siphoning off her evil energies during their regular "activities." After a while, he'd taken in too much, and it consumed him. I only have a handful of drawings that are inked with a brush, and this is one of them. By the way, those aren't watercolors; they're watercolor pencils.


Other inked drawings that don't fit into any other categories.

ginas_dungeon.gif [ 700x600 pixels / 63k ]
What can I say? Brittany gets too much fanart, and I like drawing superdeformed characters. ^_^ Pretty even hand on that hatching, eh? I really like how Brit came out in this image. And yes, I know her name is spelled Gina. I just thought the extras E's looked more... petulant.


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