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A lot of the time, sketches seems to turn out better than my completed works. The poses are just right, or the imagery is really strong, and I can't quite recapture it when I draw the "real thing." Some of these fit that bill. None of the images are more then mildly ecchi; I'd rate them PG-13 or less.

Created 2000-12-07 and last modified 2000-12-08.
(Added magical girl pictures.)


Conceptual drawings, and other unfinished art.

ojosama.jpg [ 500x575 pixels / 45k ]
A little something inspired by the riding crop appearing in Vincent Seifert's Taming of the Horse fanfic and "Ojo Sama To Oyobi!" from the Tenchi Muyo! OVA Best CD. As Vince might be quick to point out, though, this is not an illustration of any actual scene from his story. ^_^ The only reason I bothered to keep this sketch is becuase of the dynamic shading on Akane's face.
space_knight.jpg [ 500x625 pixels / 54k ]
It's not a female Jedi knight, but the she was definitely inspired by Darth Vader's outfit. I wanted to design a cool-looking full-body armor. These days I use a Sharpie ® or magic marker to fill in large black areas. But if you look closely, you can see that I was insane when I drew this: the black cape was methodically filled in with a regular ball-point pen(!)
sue_myu.jpg [ 500x650 pixels / 50k ]
For a while I toyed with the idea of adding a mascot to my pages: a cartoon character to act as a guide and make comments. Here's the design I came up with, my "muse," Sue Myu in an Evangelion-style plug-suit. The dual-tone hair was intended to reflect a dual personality: a muse both inspires and drives one to frustration.

Tanya Brown

Kigurumi waitress for an Anna Miller's style restaurant.

tanya_orig.jpg [ 500x950 pixels / 68k ]
My original character, Tanya Brown. Actually, that's the name of the costume; I never gave the girl a name. You didn't think she was really a cat-girl, did you? The pencil drawing was incredibly light, so I increased the contrast to darken it, and then cut away the background so it wouldn't all be grey.
tanya_suit.jpg [ 500x725 pixels / 57k ]
And here's a peek at the girl under the uniform. Or at least the part of the face that's visible through the bodysuit. As you can see, she's not too happy about this part of the job, but it was this starving actress could get work at the already well-staffed restaurant. This was inspired by some of the costumes I've seen of the web. Hitoshi Doi has some pictures of Sailor Moon kigurumi costumes.
tanya_mask.jpg [ 725x550 pixels / 86k ]
Someone else is using the cotume at night? This Tanya moves and acts in character just like the actress, but she denies it's her. When an infatuated guy tried to unmask the stranger, she had on another mask under the head peice. The color of the suit is supposed to be "tawny brown," leading to the mascot name. Plus, it leads to the easy pun with the onomatopoeic "nya," the Japanese meow.

Magical Wishing Princess QUEST

A boy, a prince, and their search for the Wishing Princess.

mg_group.jpg [ 575x500 pixels / 51k ]
The cast, in order, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Opal. Not shown are the unnamed boy, Prince Jade, and Princess Diamond. Opal is a quiet woman who has healing powers. Violet is a butch with no obvious powers beyond her incredible fighting prowess. Also, she's has been the boy's friend since childhood. I was never happy with the character design of Opal.
mg_boy.jpg [ 500x575 pixels / 43k ]
The second-youngest of six children, and the only boy, this character had just reached puberty and was starting to date. Imagine his dismay as he find himself transforming into a magical... boy. This uniform is the base design from which the others are modified. The white circle on the vest is supposed to hold a gem of some sort.
mg_jade.jpg [ 500x925 pixels / 56k ]
This prince is searching for his Princess. He was granted a wish that they would be together in this life, and now he searches her out, with the help of the boy. The two worked alone for some time before encountering the others. He wears a ceremonial sword, but fights with a quarterstaff grown with his plant-based powers. I'm pretty sure I drew this at Katsucon 1998. I was going for the most utterly bishonen look I could acheive.
mg_ruby.jpg [ 500x650 pixels / 56k ]
In her civilian identity, she's an enthusiastic but clutzy girl, who tries to make friends with everyone. When she transforms, she's an enthusiastic but clutzy girl with elemental powers. She's the most powerful of the warriors, but the one with the least control. I was very happy with the sketch when I penciled it, and didn't want to risk ruining with inks.
mg_sapphire.jpg [ 500x600 pixels / 39k ]
In her civilian identity, she's a social girl, interested in gossip and pets, but utterly shy of boys. When she transforms, she has empathic powers over animals, and can draw upon their abilities. As her powers progress, she realises she has empathic powers over men, too. "And then I realized that they're animals, too!" The vest is supposed to have an embroidered dragon on it.
mg_void.jpg [ 500x550 pixels / 35k ]
This magical girl isn't discovered until the second season. Her powers involve chaos and darkness, and she is something of a villain. She hints that in the past, she was close to the Princess, and turns Amethyst to her side. These were doodles drawn during my lunch break. I like the concept of a perfectly black form; there are no highlights or shadows, only the sillouette.
mg_princess.jpg [ 500x700 pixels / 41k ]
And here's the princess, herself, who doesn't appear until the end of the first season. Her power is to grant the wishes of others. (Before she was summoned, the boy tried to fill her role, albeit without the supernatural powers.) She has also granted each of her followers one wish. It was these wishes which led to their rebirth, and her disappearance. Do you like the pink hair and cone hat?


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