The Nature of the Curse

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Jusenkyo, valley of the accursed springs. Here lie pools that change the bodies of those who fall within. Others leave the body untouched, but change the victims' personalities. Are there really two extremes, or is there a more subtle unifying force involved? Maybe a boy from China knows...


Aftermath of a Wedding: Akane Gets Wet! [24k]
A new student at school greets Akane by throwing a bucket of water on her.

I Knew You Were A Tomboy, But... [23k]
The new boy, Akira, splashes Akane again, but this time with a different sort of water...
Ranma's Dilemma. Goodbye, Boy-Type! [28k]
Ranma and Akane can't get any hot water, and Shampoo's none too happy about the arangement.
Soap Gets In Your Curse [31k]
Ranma worries about his encounter with Akane, and Akira explains the effects of Jusenkyo curses.
Akane: Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman? [27k]
Events of the previous day come back to haunt Akane.

Cold Water, Hot Temper [27k]
Akira has some things to answer for. Aren't the packets supposed to wear off after one use?
Encounters in the Dark! Friend or Foe? [27k]
Two villagers from Nyuchezu visit Ranma outside his window. It's time for a chat.
The Tomboy Effect [31k]
After two days of excitement, events finally cool down, but some people are thinking furiously about what's happenened.
Encyclopedia Jusenkyo: A Living Thesis [48k]
Akane learns more then she ever wanted to know about Ranma's curse.

Behind the Invisible Barrier [55k]
Ranma didn't see it coming, but how could he, if it's in his blind spot? Akira mentions one last, almost inconsequential side effect of Ranma's curse...
Don't You Know? It's Love! [51k]
It looks Akane has finally figured out the secret that Ryoga and Ranma have been hiding from her for so long. How will she react now that she knows the target of the lost boy's affections?
The Proof is in the Pupil [114k]
Finally, there's a foolproof test that will show who's right, once and for all: Akira or Ranma. Of course, five women have their own idea about how to test Ranma...
The Dew of Love [121k]
After a night of drinking, Akira reveals why he's been trying so hard to prove Ranma is a girl. And after a night of passion, other secrets start revealing themselves.


These are larger copies of the images on this page, or drawings that contain spoliers, so you won't find any thumbnails.

Story Illustrations

trim_boyfriend.jpg [375x460 pixels / 27k]
An illustration of Sayuri's hunk from "The Tomboy Effect". I'm not super happy with his face, but I like the pose, and how the uniform fits.
trim_boyfriend2.jpg [600x460 pixels / 41k]
"The Boy Every Girl Dreams Of"
Another illustration of the same character. I really like how the face and hair turned out, although there wasn't enough room on the paper to finish drawing the hands and... (um) weapon properly.
desperation.jpg [400x600 pixels / 28k]
"Desperation Can Make a Man Perform Amazing Feats"
Ryouga's brilliant plan in action from "Don't You Know? It's Love!" I like the drawing of Ranma, and Ryoga's face. He does look rather bishonen, though. The only downside is Ryoga's left hand -- becuase of the angle, it looks like the thumb is on the wrong side.

New Characters

akira_face.jpg [450x550 pixels / 41k]
A closeup of Akira's face. (A larger scan of the image on my Fanworks page.) This was originally a small drawing, which is why the lines appear so thick.
akira_photo.jpg [450x600 pixels / 44k]
"She Tries to Deny Her Nature..."
Akira holding photo of a pissed off Ranma. (A larger scan of the image at the top of this page.) Yes, that collar around her neck is a female symbol. ^_^ At some point I've got to color this image.
reirei.jpg [460x750 pixels / 52k]
Akira's childhood friend, in the tradition of Takahashi's illustrations of Ranma. Contains a minor spoiler. He kinda looks like Tenchi on steroids, huh? ^_^


sd_akane_wet.jpg [450x800 pixels / 57k]
Super-deformed Akane frowning after being splashed with water. (A larger scan of the image on the page.) I'm pretty happy with this one, although I should have colored her hair black.
sd_ranma_bashful.jpg [450x1000 pixels / 45k]
Super-deformed girl-type Ranma blushing and smiling. (A larger scan of the image on the page.) Ugh, her right hand looks horrible.
sd_ryoga_door.jpg [450x650 pixels / 50k]
Super-deformed Ryoga peering through the bathroom door. (A larger scan of the image on the page.) This is probably the best of the SD pics.


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