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These stories are based mostly off of Ranma 1/2, with a couple shorts from other series (and a crossover or two). I tend towards comedy and light romance, with plenty of plot twists and surprises. If you're looking for fanart, check out the other pages on my site.

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The Nature of...

Ranma and Akane just got back from China, having narrowly escaped death and marriage. Now they must face... Monday morning at school!

The Nature of the Curse [homepage]
Does the boy from China know the 'true' effect of Jusenkyo curses? Akira's description sounds right, and explains a lot, but it has a consequence that none of the Nerima martial artists had considered. (And Ranma might be forced to accept kicking and screaming.)
The Nature of the Beast
The sequel to Curse has been planned, but don't expect to see it anytime soon; I want to finish Plausible, first.

Eerily Plausible

While the events portrayed in this story are original, they present, for the first time in a fan fiction, the true, untold background stories of Ranma 1/2, as described by Rukimo Tashahaki herself in an exclusive interview!

A New Evil Wakes [49k]
There's a new panty thief in town and Happosai needs Ranma's help! Can Ranma and an unruly mob stop the cat burglar? What is the terrible secret of the Amazons?
Mother of Pervert [63k]
Affairs of the past once again visit the martial artists of the present. Soun has been hiding a terrible secret, which might drive Akane over the edge.

Ranma Fics

Ranma 1/2 oneshots, SPAMfics, and crossovers.

The One Who Can Fulfill Your Wishes [9k]
How powerful would an entity have to be to grant that wish?
Lookalike [5k]
This is my response to "Redheads", by Robert "Kenko" Haynie, and "Mother?!?", by "Kagami". In both, girl-type Ranma bears a striking resemblance to Lina Inverse.
A Magical Solution? [7k]
Who says magic can't solve your problems?
The Perfect Excuse [11k]
Why is Ranma really so uptight about the contract with his mother to be a "man amongst men"?
KoTachi [1k]
Just an idea...
An Emotional Day
How Can You Hide a Thing Like That For Nine Months? This Too is Part of the Anything-Goes Style! [8k]
Fathers Know Best! The Pregnancy Power Law of Practice. [9k]
My very first fanfic, in script format. It was abandoned for Nature of the Curse, which actually has a plot.

Other Fics

Stories from other series.

The Ho-rror [5k]
The Slayers
Three years into the future. Or is that the past?
Need For Play! [14k]
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!
How does a super genius relax?
Skuld's Fix [20k]
Oh! My Goddess!
Skuld fixes Ranma.


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