Teenagers From Outer Space

Here's my collection of illustrated TFOS characters. If you use them in your campaigns, please keep the copyright notices on the bottom intact. And make sure Asashi, Yoshi, and Snee kick butt, 'cause they're my personal characters!

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Snee Sugar
Yoshi Kema
Asashi Zebub
Haruko Motoyama
Princess Shukana
Ronald MacDonald
Petey Tezuka
Ken Sanders
Davis McGee
Buffy Winters
Weird Al Yankabit

Teenagers From Outer Space is a trademark of R. Talsorian Games, Inc. for its game of adolescent anime action. Title image scanned from page 70 of the Teenagers From Outer Space rulebook, 3rd ed (ISBN #0-937279-99-4), used with permission. All other text, images, and characters on this page are copyright © 1998-2001 by Douglas MacDougall.